A Few Thoughts on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day. Such a sensitive holiday. I feel like most people have strong feelings about the day, whether it be that they love and adore it or can’t stand it. The ones that always get me are the ones who say “I don’t need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, love should be shown year round.” Obviously! Valentine’s Day is just a day to show that love and make it extra special. There is nothing wrong with a day celebrating love.

As much as I love Valentine’s Day and the idea of my husband treating me to a special day, I also cannot stand leaving the house on this day. The days of getting dressed up to wait an hour or longer for a table are over. A perfect Valentine’s Day to me is spent at home with the one I love. This year did not disappoint! Cooking brunch and watching movies all morning with my husband was exactly what the idea of Valentine’s Day should be to me. No phone calls. No errands. No schedule. Just each other.

And Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without nice gifts, right? I disagree. I love homemade. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just meaningful. Knowing that someone put time, effort, thought, and love into their gift for you is more meaningful then anything else given to you will ever be. My husband’s creativity and thought blew me away this year. Spending my 11th Valentine’s Day with this man makes me feel so blessed to have each others love and dedication.

If every Valentine’s Day in my future could be just like the one this year, I would be a very happy woman. I really cherish the times my husband and I get to ourself without anywhere else to be and can really be in the moment and enjoy each other. Between both of us working full time and my stepson’s every growing busy schedule, quality time spent together doesn’t happen as much as we would like. I do t take for granted a single second we do get.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Do you have thoughts about the holiday one way or another? I would love to hear in the comments!


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