Spring Break Staycation



Spring Break is creeping up on us. Can you believe it?  This school year for my stepson seems to be just flying by.  I am sure many of you feel the same.  With spring break coming up, I thought I would share some fun “Staycation” ideas with you.  You don’t have to jet off to somewhere tropical (although that would be nice) to do something fun with your kids.

I have gotten my stepson very excited this year for his “Staycation.”  He knows we are not traveling anywhere this year for Spring Break, but is excited that we have a plan for the week of exciting adventures.  Kids like to be busy.  They thrive when they are busy.  Planning fun activities daily (they don’t have to cost money) can keep your kids busy and active over the week’s break.

Here are some fun ideas for your “Staycation:

  • Have a picnic!  Kids love going to the park.  It is great for them to get some exercise and release some energy.  It is also nice for us mamas to get outside and enjoy some fresh air as well!  Pack some sandwiches, fruit, chips, and waters and you are on your way to a fun afternoon.  (Live somewhere cold?  You can create the same idea in the comfort of your living room.  Put down a blanket in the living room, and have your picnic on the floor.  Playing games such as duck-duck-goose or Mother May I? are a lot of fun and can keep kids entertained!)
  • Go see some animals!  What kids don’t love animals?  Take your kids to your local zoo.  They will love getting out of the house looking at all of the animals.  The zoo can also provide an educational experience.  Talk to your kids while you are there.  Ask them what they have learned. ( Live somewhere cold?  Try the aquarium!  Most exhibits at an aquarium are indoors.)  Tip: Google the name of the zoo or aquarium + discounts to check for any money saving offers before you leave!
  • Trampoline Parks!  I understand some have mixed emotions about these trampoline parks.  There is a risk of injury.  But there is also a risk of injury having your child ride their bike around the neighborhood.  We can’t keep our kids in a bubble.  My stepson has a blast at our local trampoline park and it is the best exercise.  He is always wiped out after we take him.  Check on the trampoline park’s website.  They will often offer coupons to print, or a discount by paying online before you arrive.
  • Bowling!  My family loves bowling!  It is always such a fun outing.  We usually order a pizza at the bowling alley, make it a fun competition, and have fun dancing to the fun music the bowling alley by us plays.  As long as you keep the competition friendly, kids of all ages will love bowling.  And the best part about bowling, is that it does take some time.  Bowling can get you and the kids out of the house and having fun for a good two to three hours if not more.  The bowling alley by us advertises at the local grocery store.  We often times find coupons on the back of our receipt.
  • Try a Free Class!  Many fun activities that kids will love will offer your first class for free.  Call your local dance studio, gymnastics gym, karate gym, or ice skating rink to see if they offer a class for free.  If anything, you will keep your child active for an hour or so.  And who knows.  They may find their new favorite activity!
  • Hike!  I am a huge advocate on getting outdoors and exploring where we live.  Not that I am the world’s best hiker (far from it), but I do enjoy getting my family outside.  We live in California and still have so much to see in this large state.  The more we see, the more we fall in love.  Just this past year, we have explored Joshua Tree, Vasquez Rocks, Crystal Cove, Eaton Canyon, upon many others.  My stepson loves when we go places that have rocks to climb on, streams to skip, and trees to climb.  Fall in love with the outdoors!  (Be sure to google the hike before you go.  You want to make sure that the trail you pick, you are confident your kids can do it.  It is no fun being on a trail with a child demanding to be held.  Also, be sure to pack plenty of water, bring jackets even if it is warm, and snacks.  It is always better to be prepared then sorry.)
  • Library!  If your kids love reading, the library will be their best friend!  My stepson is a great reader.  I remember when we took him to the library and got his first library card.  He was so proud.  He loves when we take him to the library to check out books.  There is something about a library book that will make them read faster then any book at home.  Maybe it is knowing that you eventually have to return it, therefore you can check out more?  Who knows.  But the library is a lot of fun and keeps their minds working over the break.  Our library also offers classes, movies, and readings.  Check your local library’s website to see if they offer any special classes too.


What are your plans for spring break?  Do you have any other fun staycation ideas?  Please share in the comments, I would love to hear.

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