Wife and (step) mom living in Southern California. I am absolutly in love with my family. Although being a stepmother is not the easiest role in life you can be handed, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have had a few tears, but mostly laughs. We are a family that speaks on our blessings and are grateful for the moments we are all together. Because…

Together We Make a Family.

I have thought about starting this blog since 2007. Well, it is now 2016, and it is better late then never, right? I want to have a place to share tidbits of my marriage, stepmotherhood and life. I  love good food and good wine. I am exploring more in my own kitchen. And I love traveling and adventures. Come along for the ride!


9 thoughts on “About

    • Julie says:

      I have been looking for a place to find comfort, inspiration, support, venting….lol…I know there are other step moms out there dealing with what I do but I don’t know any, and feel uncomfortable discussing family “problems”with others because our issues are so different. I just don’t know how step moms hold it together day after day. I take the brunt of the drama so the kids don’t have to. so hard to stay on board 😦 I’m looking forward to reading your blog, thank you for reaching out.


      • stephigirl2000 says:

        Hi Julie! Thank you so much. I feel the same way as you. I really don’t talk to anyone in “real life” about any of our blended family problems we face, because like you said… They are such different issues. When I started my Instagram account and was connecting with so many Stepmoms that go through similar things as I do, I knew it was time to start my blog. I appreciate your support and I am here to support you as well. Happy Valentines Day weekend!


  1. Staci says:

    I’m new to this blog, but loving it already! I am a young step mother too 2 teenagers and absolutely love it, but this blog gives me comfort in knowing others are going through the same difficulties with a bio mom.


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