20 Things I Love About My Stepson



In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share twenty (of the millions) of things I love about my stepson.  While my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day as a married couple and celebrate our love and marriage, we also try to make it special for my stepson.  I was inspired by a post I saw of a homemade booklet of things you love about your stepchild.  I thought this was such a special and personal idea to gift your stepchild, and did the same.  I am a true believer that words are more special then any gift.  Telling and showing someone you care will leave a longer and stronger memory then any box of chocolate… Although, I must admit.  He is also getting chocolate.

Here are twenty (of the millions) of things I love about my stepson:

  1. His Lego Building Skills.
  2. How He Never Complains When I Ask for Help.
  3. That He Has a Big Heart and Loves Everyone.
  4. When He Dances.
  5. Hearing About His Dreams in the Morning.
  6. His Imagination.
  7. When He Brings Home 100% on His Vocabulary Tests and is SO Proud.
  8. That We Share the Same Taste in Music and Sing in the Car Together.
  9. Seeing Him Boogie Board. He is AWESOME.
  10. When He Laughs.  It always makes me smile.
  11. How He Can Always Tell Me What is Going on in a Movie.
  12. His Generosity.
  13. That He is a Super Star Reader.
  14. His Talent Playing Call of Duty.
  15. How He Always Gives Me a Bite of His Food.
  16. How Good He is at Helping Me Cook.
  17. That He is His Dad’s Best Friend.
  18. His Bear Hugs.
  19. When He Tells Silly Jokes.
  20. How He Blesses My Life and Makes Me Feel Like the Luckiest Stepmom.

I would love to know some of the special things you love about your stepchildren and how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Please leave a comment to share.  Happy Valentine’s Day!